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     The videogame finder began in 1993 during 'the console wars'. At that time consisting of the only known to exist videogame-catalogs. Unseen and later held in a basement for 25 years. The three original homemade paperback catalogs were: NES, Genesis, and SNES. The online version was launched on January 30, 2022, the day SEGA closed its last arcade in Japan. This pure coincidence among the random occurrences in the universe, cemented the end of a lost-era, where everything outside of the videogame was based on experiences in real-life.

     The website is the "final edition", minus the search box. its primary purpose is to allow for discovery of new videogames one may want to play. it will eventually contain every videogame [box] ever made, including games such as iPhone games which lack boxes. it showcases the absolute best front box covers and rear screenshots for each game, regardless of country.

     These early videogame catalogs provided what only a retail store could offer, an aisle of videogames. For the entire history of videogames, each generation of games disappeared from public-viewing as it stopped being sold in stores. Nor had there ever been a way to see games of other countries. There was no way to discover games for each retired console. No longer for sale also meant it was forever gone from display. Lost to time. Each game often intricately woven in the pop-culture of its era. No way to ever experience it in its original aura.

     Having ever so brief a time in the limelight, and amongst competitors. Then rapidly disappearing from collective consciousness and gone. Each games subjective gameplay experience itself trapped in a nostalgically recalled time period that will never exist again. Every game title with its own fade in to obscurity. This need to discover new games to play became even more important in the era of digital-only videogame releases, which lack boxes you can inspect in the store and at home.

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