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     Porto HTML is currently the fanciest and most configurable HTML website template available in 2022. It also has a neat and common-sense designed front-end code base. The framework can be used be employees with no coding experience. The Porto HTML template has paid technical support available. It also has a limited private web forum access available for archived posts. Porto HTML runs on Boostrap 5 framework. Boostrap framework is considered generic. It has no vender lock-in either. The framework is updated and maintained by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The new template will be combined with page-speed loadtime improvements to improve website load-times.

     The Booststrap 5 front-end code base can be modified in-house for more specific appearance changes. There is also built-in support for jsDelivr, a free open source CDN. We will also utilize a paid third-party provider for Content Delivery Network (CDN). The CDN will edge host our content for less distance and congestion for delivery. A CDN offloads work from our web server, which reduces server response time for new page-load requests. Thus the website will load faster for all users, including continuous traffic users.

     With a CDN, each new page load request only needs the initial framework files to load into cache or pull from cache. All of the content can be pulled from a separate content-only web server. A CDN is also more likely to be found at edge, meaning a server is auto-located that is under 100 miles from the user if one exists. Next closet server to user will deliver content if no local server exists. Edge content delivery can sometimes be under 25 miles to the user. The artistic design of the website is seperated into multiple areas of design for user-function over pure artist appeal. The purple is to signify cross-gender bridging of videogames, with mass adoption by female audiences. The website has a simple look, lack of texture, low visual overload, and lacks focal distractions.

     This allows for easier website use by very-young age groups and non-english speakers. These concerns were also factors in the descision to tuck the website. The website consists of semi-customized templates, with original-template alternate-page chopped UI-elements. The template, Reveal v1.0.0 eCommerce, was an artist-quality HTML website template that failed to achieve marketplace adoption. Thus this template and look are not seen anywhere on the internet. The actual artwork appearing on the website in digital form is designed to make you feel as if you are in another universe. In this case, it is a videogame universe that the user feels semi-immersed into with the help of art. The name A B X and Y comes from the button names on the Super Nintendo.

End of Design page.

This was the design story of the videogame finder website.

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