on videogames

documentary list:
Minecraft: The Story of Mojang
     feature film
     deleted scenes

The Video Game Years: Volume 2 (1980-1982) The Golden Years
     part 1
     part 2
     part 3
     part 4

The Video Game Years: Volume 4 (1986-1987)
     part 1
     part 2

Game Changers: inside the Video Game Wars

the story of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

a look inside the Tony Hawk video game phenomenon

Playing to Win: inside the Video Game industry
     part 1 - A trip to Electronics Arts (studio)
     part 2 - Violence: from 'Death Race' to 'Grand Theft Auto'
     part 3 - Games that are good for you
     part 4 - Virtual dollhouses & virtual worlds
     part 5 - Visions from visionaries

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A collection of various full-length videogame-related documentaries you can watch.

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