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Future features:

Console stickers - printable stickers you can place on the back of your consoles, to QR code into its game library.

GameStop export - Automatically export games that you are interested in for purchase, by placing them into a GameStop shopping cart with one-click.

Flat website-style - The Porto HTML template will allow for all movement to be shut off, allowing for faster scrolling.

GameStop store emails - email any GameStop location. For use by customers and for store employees to email other stores.

Search box - search for any videogame and see game results underneath each console.

GameStop store walker - guides you to the nearest currently open gamestop from your current GPS location.

Clean covers - Photoshop out imperfections and unneeded cover information.

Console soundtracks - each console has its own music soundtrack from a game on that console.

GameStop exteriors - view a photograph of the inside of any GameStop store.

Dark mode - alternate contrast to view videogame covers under.

Paper catalogs - third party printed and distributed to GameStop locations exclusively.

GameStop storefronts - view a photograph of the front fascade of any GameStop store.

Offline mode - loads first five pages of games for any console, allowing for offline viewing.

GameStop overhead maps - view a streetmap view of the streets around any GameStop store.

Game-list used game purchase - click to run view older games for purchase.

Shopping cart prediction - checkout on BestBuy without clicking add to cart.

Mini shopping carts - children shopping carts can export into adult BestBuy shopping carts for payment.

GameStop store hours - GameStop opening and closing hours for every GameStop location for each day of the week.

Website speed optimization - Game images will be served with lossy compression, then will return to full HD upon viewing.

Boxless console games - Videogames from consoles that lack boxes will be custom created. This includes Arcades, iPhone, iPad, TI-89 calculator, Xbox Live Arcade, web browser games, facebook games, Android Phone, and Android Tablet.

GameStop interiors - view a 3D pan and zoomable image of the inside of any GameStop store.

GameStop themed stores - GameStop store interiors will be vinyl wrapped in different themes (walls, ceilings, and floors).

GameStop empty boxes - Games that no longer have boxes made, such as many PC games, will have empty boxes places in GameStop.

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