within the organization

Operations department:
New hiring manager
internal communications
New hiring marketer
Loan officer
GameStop store communication
Chief executive officer
Chief Technology officer
Organization strategy
New employee onboarding
information Technology
Employee management
Assistant to CEO
Creative director
Public relations
Legal advisory
Competition analysis
New internal tools discovery
Organization long-term direction
Corporate partnerships
Grant researcher
Advertising - digital
Marketing - digital
Advertising - physical
Marketing - physical
Financial projections
Outsourced labor director
Bot researcher
Video creation

Website department:
Web hosting technologist
Search engine optimization
Website analytics
Back-end code debugger
Website backups
internal backups
Website to app conversion
Front-end Code reviewer
Website render tester
Front-end developer
Back-end Code reviewer
Website designer - new template prototyping
Dark-mode specialist
Shopping cart prediction software
search engine - Amazon OpenSearch
Website accessibility
iPhone app developer
Art director
artificial intelligence prompt-writer
Website inspector

Videogame department:
Console specifications
Master videogames list
MySQL databaser
Videogame-slang dictionary
Digital-only releases
Videogame-genre classifier
Online-platform game libraries
Videogame Country-code verifier
Greatest games ranker
Videogame podcast episodes
Console historian
Videogame box manuals
Strategy guide purchase links
Videogame-save file collection
Newer-gen videogame purchase links
Videogame-industry interview collection
Retro videogame purchase links
Videogame comics
Cover image optimization
Videogame blogger
Console soundtracks
Videogame-subject magazine articles
GameStop store directory
Videogame dev resources collection
Operating system firmware collection
Videogame posters
GameStop employee resource collection
Videogame maps
Nintendo Switch resources
Videogame walk-throughs
Console entry flyers
Web browser games
Small-library consoles games
Graphic designer - new cover creation
Graphic designer - old cover cleaning
Arcade - A.i. box generation
iPad tablet - A.i. box generation
Android cellphone - A.i. box generation
iPhone cellphone - A.i. box generation
Android tablet - A.i. box generation
Ti-89 calculator - A.i. box generation
HP-50 calculator - A.i. box generation
New console additions
Flopped console area
Videogame historian
Button diagrams
Videogame reviews
Videogame screenshots

Libraries department:
Microsoft Xbox 360 - digital stage
Nintendo GameCube - digital stage
Microsoft Xbox - digital stage
Nintendo Game Boy Advance - digital stage
Sony PlayStation 2 - digital stage
Nintendo Game Boy Color - digital stage
Sony PlayStation - digital stage
Nintendo 64 - digital stage
Super Nintendo Entertainment System - digital stage
Nintendo Game Boy - digital stage
Sega Genesis - digital stage
Nintendo Entertainment System - digital stage
Coleco ColecoVision - digital stage
IBM Personal Computer - digital stage
Retro IBM Personal Computer - scanning
Valve Steam Deck - scanning
Sony Playstation 5 - scanning
Microsoft Xbox Series X - scanning
Nintendo Switch - scanning
Microsoft Xbox One - scanning
Sony PlayStation 4 - scanning
Nintendo Wii U - scanning
Sony PlayStation Vita - scanning
Nintendo 3DS - scanning
Sony PlayStation Portable - scanning
Nintendo DS - scanning
Sega Dreamcast - scanning
SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color - scanning
Sega Saturn - scanning
Atari Jaguar - scanning
Sega Game Gear - scanning
SNK Neo Geo - scanning
NEC TurboGrafx-16 - scanning

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Was a list of open/filled positions within The videogame finder organization.

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