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Legal related inquiries should be directed on paper via U.S. Mail to:
Lake Lewisville Law Firm
c/o: A B X and Y
8515 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33138-3509

Legal details:

Corporate entity status: Not-for-profit
Reason for tax exempt status: General-use public utility
Owner: Lake Lewisville Law Firm
Original domicile: State of Illinois
Creation of first protype: 1993
Legal formation domicle: State of Colorado
Entity type: LLC
Online-version first mockups: 2019 Permanent domicile: State of Texas
Entrance into commerce: January 30, 2022
Temporary domicile: State of Florida
Future domicile: The Continent of Africa
Legal name: Spencer Pierce
Original registered business address:
Spencer Pierce
1601 West 113th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80234–2603
Current business mailing address:
A B X and Y
9729 Excursion Drive
Oak Point, TX 75068-0820
Entity founding date: July 11, 2014
Doing Business As (DBA): A B X and Y
2nd Doing Business As (DBA): The videogame finder
3rd Doing Business As (DBA): ビデオゲームファインダー
Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN): 47-1347015
NAICS: 519130
Current location of business operations: State of Florida
Legal representative: Lake Lewisville Law Firm
Legal representative address:
Lake Lewisville Law Firm
9729 Excursion Drive
Oak Point, TX 75068-0820

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