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Android cellphone:
OnePlus 10 Pro
Featuring a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 system-on-chip, the silicon powering the best gaming phones. Even the most demanding games play like a dream on this device. Gamers will also appreciate the 120Hz refresh rate on the phone’s 6.7-inch display. The long battery life of 11 hours, its impressive considering the adaptive refresh rate is enabled. perhaps the most attractive thing about the OnePlus 10 Pro is its price, especially considering its specs. Few top-line phonea deliver so many premium features at that cost.
$900 U.S. dollars

Apple cellphone:
iPhone 14 Pro Max
Even though Apple doesn't prioritize gamers, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is a fantastic phone to play on. Its A16 Bionic chipset is more powerful than anything you'll find on an Android phone. The 120Hz display is smooth and colorful, and doesn't compromise the lengthy battery life. Unfortunately, the App Store doesn't allow for gaming emulators, so for those interested in playing classic games, they may be out of luck. Although, some of the most popular titles from the SNES and PS2 eras have been ported to iPhone. The other benefits of going for the iPhone are its strong photography abilities. The new always-on display features Dynamic Island notch, which gives you more screen to play with. It is still an expensive phone however, and lack SIM slot. Charging is sluggish, the phone isn't the most welcoming phone if coming directly from Android. Although, the iPhone 14 Pro is cheaper and more compact while using the same chipset, the Pro Max is our top pick since we prefer having the larger display and extra battery life.
$1000 U.S. dollars

Mobile gaming resources:
Android user guide

Top paid-phone games:
58. The Witness
57. To The Moon
56. Thimbleweed Park
55. Sunless Sea
54. Planescape: Torment
53. Pigeon Wings
52. Oxenfree
51. Old Man's Journey
50. Monument Valley 2
49. iron Marines
48. Hidden Folks
47. Glitchskier
46. Framed 2
45. Cat Quest
44. Card Thief
43. Beglitched
42. Chopper 2
41. AirCoaster
40. Ninjatown: Trees of Doom
39. Broken Age
38. Fruit Ninja
37. Minecraft: Story Mode
36. Card Wars: Adventure Time Card Game
35. Castle of Illusion: starring Mickey Mouse
34. Countdown: The Official TV Show app
33. Touchgrind Skate 2
32. Fallout Shelter
31. Tamagotchi: Classic
30. Warhammer Quest
29. Machinarium
28. Ticket to Ride
27. Bridge COnstructor
26. Flick Golf!
25. Real Boxing
24. Canabalt
23. Real Racing 2
22. Punch Quest
21. Osmos
20. Skylanders: Trap Team
19. Pokemon Go
18. Thomas was Alone
17. Angry Birds: Rio
16. The King of Fighters-A 2012
15. Flight Control
14. World of Goo
13. 80 Days
12. Lifeline: Whiteout
11. Flick Kick Football
10. Angry Birds: Star Wars
9. The Room Three
8. Pac-Man
7. Sky Force 2014
6. Cut the Rope: Magic
5. Doodle Jump
4. Minecraft: Pocket Edition
3. Plague Inc.
2. Space Marshalls
1. Plants vs. Zombies

Top free-phone games:
41. Words With Friends
40. South Park: Phone Destroyer
39. Prison Architect
38. The Elder Scrolls: Legends
37. Crosswords
36. UniSudoku
35. Little Things
34. mentalBoy
33. Hand of Greed
32. Final Fantasy Record Keeper
31. Flappy Bird: Original Version
30. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
29. Four in a Row
28. Racing Penguin
27. Jenga
26. Thumb Drift
25. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
24. Slip Away
23. Steps
22. Toy Blast
21. Farm Heroes: Super Saga
20. Smashy City
19. Geopets
18. Super Stickman Golf 3
17. AA Arrow
16. Smash Hit
15. 100 Balls
14. Clash of Clans
13. Basketball Stars
12. Score! World Goals
11. Hill Climb Racing
10. Dumb ways to Die
9. Quizup
8. Stick Hero
7. Mobile Strike
6. Paper Toss 2.0
5. Need for Speed: No Limits
4. FIFA 16: Ultimate Team
3. Marvel Avengers: Academy
2. Hungry Shark World
1. Angry Birds 2

Top local multiplayer games:
10. DrawRace 2
9. Ticket to Ride
8. Pandemic: The Board Game
7. SlamJet Stadium
6. Hero Academy
5. Zen Pinball
4. Fruit Ninja
3. Bam Fu
2. SpaceTeam
1. Worms 3

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