Look and feel

     The website is going to be freshly redesigned in the newest Porto HTML template to look as it does now. All of the animations on the website will be removed. There will be no movement on the page, and minimal state-changes. It will render as a static website, and will be completely 'flat' look. This will reduce visual overload, and allow for faster skimming. The new design will also feature artistic improvement in still-visual design. It will feel more immersive, making you feel inside of another dimension while using.

     There will be seperate soundtracks on each console. The new design will reduce CPU-usage for the end-user, while improving mobile battery life. The new template will allow for future rollout of new website features. Design focus will be on transmission of signals and emotions through art; all without calling attention to it in a distracting manner. Art and sound as the mediums will make you feel as if you are in a videogame world. Dark-mode on/off switch will be standard to allow for alternate contrast against covers.

End of Website page.

Was an overlay of the new website for the videogame finder.

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